Here is the Story

A few pastors in the greater Burlington area have seen a need and felt a passion for launching an Evangelical Christian School in this area that unites local churches in the bigger picture of equipping THE Church in Vermont. We'd love to share the beginning of this vision with you. 

This school will be:

  • First and foremost a Christian School with a Biblical worldview and a heart for Christian education

  • Led by an administration team and a school board made up of local pastors from Christian denominations and businessmen/women

  • Supported by local Christian churches and organizations

  • Staffed by Christian teachers that love students 

Before we go any further we need to hear from you... 

Next Steps

Please help us by clicking and taking the survey below that applies to you (or both, if they both apply).

These surveys will give us invaluable feedback to help us in the decision-making progress of starting a Christian school in the Burlington area.  Your answers are not considered a commitment of any kind but will serve as a measurement and assessment of the need and possibility of starting a new Christian school. 

For potential partners, pastors, board members, teachers, volunteers

For potential parents of students K-12


We want to give you an update on where we are and where we need to be. The decision to go forward with a school for this upcoming school year (2022/23) will be determined by many factors. The biggest, of course, being a physical location and finances. We will keep you updated as often as we can and give you a final decision, hopefully, by the middle of this month.



We need a location that is centrally located in the Burlington area. This could be a temporary location until we outgrow the building. 

Guess what God did?

A local church, in South Burlington, has offered their building for us to start the school. Details are being worked out. An update of these details to come later.



A Christian school operates financially by the tuition it receives and donations given. We want to hire quality teachers and staff and pay them fairly. This can only happen if we have the finances to do so. We also need to purchase school supplies and furniture. We’ll need money for insurance,  training and other incidentals.


Where we are:

(According to the survey, after only a few days of being online)

We have 48 potential students, (40 K-8th and 8 9th-12th students) for this year and 16 interested in next year.

We have had 20 people say they would like to donate (according to the stakeholder’s survey)



Where we need to be in order to start this school:

We need 60 students.

We need to raise $60,000 in donations.


What’s next:

We see now that there is a definite interest in starting a new work, even for this school year, as evidenced in just a few days of an online survey. What we need is commitment to go forward. A potential of 48 students could quickly dwindle to 30 and set us back. An interest in donating could dwindle as well, setting us further back. So, we are asking now that you let us know that, if a school does start this school year, your child/ren would be enrolled. We also need to know how much you are willing to donate (if you are planning on donating.) Please take the time to pray about this and fill out the following. If the direction is to start school in the fall, we will then contact you for a school visit and interview/application process.

We are so excited to watch as God orchestrates His will. We do not want to do anything that is not in His will or His time. We know there is much to be done still, but we know that, with God all things are possible. Please pray with us as we seek His direction in the coming days. We will do our best to communicate and update you as soon as we know that direction. Please keep in mind that we are working full time, so much of the work is being done in the evening and weekends.

I am in and ready to enroll